Monday, 28 September 2009

Jack Penate, we hardly knew ye.

(not much to look at, but sounds reet)

we went to see Jack Penate and Miike snow in a tiny back room to the club where Purple Rain was filmed! it had max 100 capacity. night was epic, the peanuts set was amazing and in such a tiny sold out venue. then we hung out with him and his band. hes a fookin' good lad, hes got good chat (despite how bored he looks in the photo). joe got a free t-shirt and i got a blowie off of him, score!

(me and some friensies went to see him at glasto this year and i mentioned he seemed a bit gone on stage, to the response; 'the 8 pills and massive line of ket i'd done throughout that day, on reflection probably were a mistake' ha!)

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