Monday, 28 September 2009


A selection of work, a screenprint directly above from screenprinting class and a gouache painting from my Tools of the Trade class with Lindsay Nohl. The other pieces were done before i came to the US but i quite like them.
I'm missing the first week back in Brighton this week which is pretty rubbish really!! Missing everyone back home as well and hope you all have a great week back, me and Charlie boy are thinking of you all!!!

Jack Penate, we hardly knew ye.

(not much to look at, but sounds reet)

we went to see Jack Penate and Miike snow in a tiny back room to the club where Purple Rain was filmed! it had max 100 capacity. night was epic, the peanuts set was amazing and in such a tiny sold out venue. then we hung out with him and his band. hes a fookin' good lad, hes got good chat (despite how bored he looks in the photo). joe got a free t-shirt and i got a blowie off of him, score!

(me and some friensies went to see him at glasto this year and i mentioned he seemed a bit gone on stage, to the response; 'the 8 pills and massive line of ket i'd done throughout that day, on reflection probably were a mistake' ha!)

break-dancing makes me laugh.. a lot!

and some more..

the ball was sick! they got some 'hip and hop' group from Chicago to play who came back to the after party, Diplo played it a few years ago.

and more..


this girl on the right was 'Ms High Times November' or summink.

Black & White Ball

Keg stands, Brians crotch, $400 dollar Dior jeans (thank you very much Vinnie.. i will get them dry cleaned), clip on bow ties, and very, very drunk people!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Phoenix in-store signing

We managed to get tickets to an in-store acoustic performance and signing by Phoenix at the record store 'the electric fetus'. hoorah.

Friday, 25 September 2009

copywriting class

Joe and i take a copywriting class which looks at a lot of advertising and this newspaper cut out was an advert we were shown that i found funny. it was placed in the Telegraph by Ernest Shackleton (the first guy to reach the north pole i think) and over 400 hundred people responded saying they wanted to take part,ha.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

98% who?

People have been requesting that we put some work up on here.
first marks back for some work at MCAD. i screen printed some burberry, all hand drawn with a bar of soap, (no digital process at all). stunning you say mrs teahcer.. check me mum and dad.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

hey kids

Monday, 14 September 2009

jude law and a semester abroad

we went to see a band called amazing baby, who were sick. (The only reference we have is that the lead singers brother is the front man from MGMT.) It was in this tiny venue and bumped into HAR-MAR SUPERSTAR in the crowd which was hilarious, (he signed both our penises of course.)


we ride bicycle.