Monday, 14 September 2009

Frat party!

Our first frat party! been waiting too long for this and it was a real funny night. we went to see me friend at the University of Minnesota and she took us to FRAT ROW on their campus. literally just a street of frat houses, one after the other. all that 'delta iota kappa - D.I.K house' nonscence. are pictures are rubbish but just a little taste, its just copious amounts of jocks pissed up wearing flat peaks backwards and flip-flops and dutty gal-dem. you can't really see it but the top photo is a pile of trashed cars on the front lawn of one party. There was some girl in a bikini pissed up on top of them hitting them with an axe to crowds of boysch cheering with their red cups. Party, english accents, jocks and lots of alcohol resulted in a funny night and very nearly a big fight with three chappies on the way home, MAZIN'!

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