Thursday, 29 October 2009

Workings Numero Two

Some recent workings. I was part of a class show tonight at the Uptown Tea Garden was pretty chill really. Thanks to Lindsay Nohl our Tools of the Trade teacher for putting the show on, I will upload some shots soon.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


New tattoo, had this done at Uptown Tattoo here in Minneapolis they've got some real talented guys there, this was done by Zach Kinsey. My flat mate Brian is currently having a full sleeve done by Brandon there of a whale hunting scene, cant wait too see how its going to turn out.

Chi City. pt6

Sunday in Chicago was short we woke up took photos from Marks sisters apartment roof, too remember the fabulous times!!!!!!!!!! We set off at around 1.30 then arrived back in Minneapolis at 10pm bit of an epic drive however we did stop quite a lot too see some real 'american' sights, we came across this bent house which was pretty dope it looked like it had literally been squashed word up house!

Chi City. pt5

Chi City. pt5

Chi City. pt4

Chi City. pt3

Chi City. pt2

Chi City

So first night in Chi City was Primo! We all went to a bar with Marks sister who kindly put us up for the weekend. Then we went to some weird apartment warming thing full of private schooled waste marines drinking grey goose and conversing about Merrel apparel, no appreciation for the ridiculous view they had from their balcony. After we went to a club called Social 25 it wasn't exactly some where we would have chosen our selves reminded me a little of an Oceana scene back home, more free grey goose was consumed not to the delight of the guys who owned the bottle, but o well. Weak Sauce.

Football and Squeezing nips

Football beasts!

Spice Factory and Parrots

Exploring the city a little more we found this abandoned Spice factory, walked along the top of some freights was pretty cool. Weird place though! Then we has Fries, Onion rings and Malts word son! Parrot Detail killled it.