Monday, 31 August 2009

Your my boy Blue, your my boy!

Check the link for a video of a blue house moving house, what?

Thursday, 27 August 2009


It was National Outdoor Sports Day or something, so MCAD played in a kick-ball tournament at the Walker Arts Centre which was utterly sick! so there.

American things

Lemonade, REALLY fat people, houses on wheels and Maarrkkss stupidly large sandwich
(which he is very proud of).

Look How Cool We Are

Brian, Jess and Amalia, and a girl stood up in front of a picture we were taking and it was so creepy it had to go up...

Oh and we went in school busses somewhere which was like way super mega awesome. We got really, really excited and i think everyone just felt sorry for us, nyaaaawww.

Big Balls

big football = big fun
beach also = big fun

skeet skeet

Kids ride bicycle in Minneapolis, my roomie MAAARRK (you have to say it like that), Rasun (or Rasquame, Rucksack, Basoon, Jetpack Cindy etc. we have gifted her many nicknames) the luverly lady who looks after Joe and I, bowling, and Brian who is Joes roomie doing the MCAD skit and throwing packs of noodles at people, (he does this).

Quote of the day: 'You can't do that here Charlie! Girls will think you are wierd'

so we like totally went to this super awesome party...

Late bike ride night became crazy party night. It was in an art commune or something, i don't really understand, but some building has parties every month where they have people performing. You pay so they can pay for the buildings rent.

So just as we left at some point in the morning
, two performers (guys), got on stage and fucked in front of the crowd....did i mention one of them was dressed as a mouse, sooooo...

Barbecues and Bike Rides .. AT THE SAME TIIIMME!

The day we met Ben Kjos, we knew our lives would never be the same again. (The man has a life size cardboard cut out of Hannah Montana and a slight obsession. He's in the picture with Joe.)
Quote of the day: from AMERICAN woman in the bank - 'can you help me, i don't know how to spell Minneapolis'

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mello Yello

Our second day here consisted of FREE canteen pizza, mello yello and a $1 Blue House. All moved in by now, after Charlies nerve racking wait to see if his 'roomy' was going to be a homocidle maniac or a soap dodging new age traveler. Turns out Mark O'brian was neither of the two just a real nice MA student. The campus here is unreal we are living opposite the main building and just a 2 minute walk from the MIA. Facilities our outragous they have some ridiculous 3D printer where you can scan yourself in and have a life size wooden version of yourself, definatly getting one of Charlie for when were back in Brighton.

Men seeking Woman "Tell God i'm sorry, . . . .Sorry for being an asshole!!" go watch it its horrible!

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

So our first week in the Twin Cities has been jam packed full of excitment and never actually stopping to take a breath. From airport antics to the unreal college that is MCAD we will try and upload our weekly goings on. In the words of Brian Nigus "Time flys when your making art."

Peace and Love