Monday, 5 October 2009

Sunday was a good day

(some fantastic visuals here)

We had our second MCAD football match today. last week we were losing 2-0 all game then Joe scored a sick goal with three minuites to go and set me up with a schweet header to tie the game with the last touch of the match. and then this week were losing 1-0 all game and Michael (babe) Aberman scores a header from a throw in! with 30 seconds to go to tie this game.

then i went to see Brand New play a set downtown (but missed the support because of football which was Manchester Orchestra which would have been reet). concert was so sick though.


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  2. SOO jealous that you got to see one of my favorites!! I missed their show this year but caught them the last time they were in town... Saw Manchester Orchestra then as well, you would've enjoyed them!!

    Jesse Lacey stole my heart that night. I think I got a kiss on the cheek out of the deal, if I remember correctly! hahaha

    <3 good times